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This time twelve months ago, our organization began the task of formulating a proposal to change our existing tier structure at the senior level.  The purpose was twofold.  Firstly, we wanted to increase the participation of our student-athletes at the Provincial Championship level by adding up to eight more berths.  Secondly, we wanted to address the issue of an increasing competitive imbalance among teams competing at each of the two existing tier levels.

An active committee laid the groundwork, feedback was sought from all coaches throughout the Province and a plan was presented to all schools for an e-mail vote.  The support was overwhelming.  The proposal was enthusiastically endorsed by the Competitive Standards Committee, and unanimously approved by the BC SCHOOL SPORTS Annual General Meeting last May.

We are very much looking forward to implementing this format for the upcoming season, and believe that it takes a significant first step towards meeting the objectives outlined above.

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