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The Earl Marriott Mariners once again claimed ownership of the annual Fraser Valley Sevens held at South Surrey Athletic Park on Friday, July 9. They won all of their games in commanding fashion, and put on a display of skilled and entertaining seven-a-side rugby.  They will be joined by Robert Bateman, Yale, Aldergrove Community and Lord Tweedsmuir at the BCSSRU Sevens to be held at St. George’s School in Vancouver on April 17 and 18.

Thanks are due to Boston Pizza for their sponsorship of this event, to Adam Roberts and his contingent of enthusiastic volunteers, to the Vancouver Fraser Valley Rugby Referees’ Society and to all of the coaches and players who participated.  It was a great day of rugby at a great venue.

A special note of thanks also to the coaches and players of Mt. Douglas Secondary in Victoria who came across to take the place of a school that had to withdraw.  You were a very welcome addition to the Tournament.

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Senior Division - Pool Competition

Pool A
Earl Marriott 33   Lord Tweedsmuir 7
Earl Marriott 49   Gleneagle 0
Earl Marriott 41   Rick Hansen 10
Lord Tweedsmuir 29   Gleneagle 12
Lord Tweedsmuir 22   Rick Hansen 12
Gleneagle 33   Rick Hansen 17

Pool B
Robert Bateman 24   Mt. Douglas (Victoria) 5
Robert Bateman 25   Semiahmoo 0
Robert Bateman 12   Clayton Heights 7
Semiahmoo 26   Mt.  Douglas 19
Semiahmoo 31   Clayton Heights 7
Clayton Heights 12   Mt. Douglas 7

Pool C
Yale 32   Aldergrove Community 19
Yale 17   Elgin Park 5
Yale 14   Sullivan Heights 0
Aldergrove Community 26   Sullivan Heights 7
Aldergrove Community 29   Elgin Park 10
Sullivan Heights 12   Elgin Park 5

Senior Division – Play-Off Competition

Semi Finals:  Robert Bateman 19   Yale 12
                         Earl Marriott  34   Aldergrove Community 7

Final (Boston Pizza Cup):  Earl Marriott 29   Robert Bateman 0

Junior Division – Pool Competition

Pool A
Earl Marriott 43   Aldergrove Community 0
Earl Marriott 15   Lord Tweedsmuir 7
Earl Marriott 40   Robert Bateman 0
Robert Bateman 41   Aldergrove Community 0
Robert Bateman 22   Lord Tweedsmuir 14
Lord Tweedsmuir 37   Aldergrove Community 0

Pool B
Yale 19   Semiahmoo 12
Yale 36   Elgin Park 0
Yale 17   Rick Hansen 5
Semiahmoo 19   Rick Hansen 0

Semi Finals:  Robert Bateman 33   Yale 5
                         Earl Marriott 36   Elgin Park 7

Final:  Earl Marriott 40  Robert  Bateman  0