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Stadium Series 2017

The BCSSRU would like to announce the following dates for the 2016-17 edition of our Stadium Series. The first round will take place on the Lower Mainland at Swangard Stadium in Burnaby, Rotary Stadium in Abbotsford and possibly at least one other site on Friday, April 7th and Saturday, April 8th 2017. The second round will take place primarily on Vancouver Island at Centennial Stadium in Victoria and Shawnigan Lake School on Friday, May 5th and Saturday, May 6th, 2017. There will also be some games at the Apple Bowl in Kelowna in May. The Stadium Series Committee will be working with the Zone Reps to put together the full slate of venues, opponents and kick-off times and then send that out to all schools. A reminder, Stadium Series games are mandatory for all schools wishing to take part in the Provincial Championships because they are part of our ranking system.

Stadium Series Round 2: Friday, May 5,  2017

Vancouver Island, the Okanagan and the Fraser Valley

 Date Teams and Zones Venue Time
 Fri. 5th Carson Graham (LM) vs. Oak Bay (VI) Centennial Stadium * 4:30 PM
 Fri. 5th R.A. McMath (LM) vs. SMUS (VI) Centennial Stadium * 6:00 PM
 Fri. 5th Collingwood (LM) vs. Robert Bateman (FV Rotary Stadium * 3:30 PM
 Fri. 5th Edward Milne (VI) vs. DW Poppy (FV) Rotary Stadium * 5:00 PM
 Fri. 5th St. George’s (LM) vs. Yale (FV) Rotary Stadium * 6:30 PM
 Fri. 5th WJ Mouat (FV) vs. Kelowna (OK) Kelowna Secondary 2:00 PM
 Fri. 5th Lord Tweedsmuir (FV) vs. Salmon Arm (OK) Kelowna Secondary 3:30 PM
 Fri. 5th L.V. Rogers (Koot) vs. Clarence Fulton (OK) Kelowna Secondary 3:30 PM
 Fri. 5th Sentinel (LM) vs. G.W. Graham (FV) GW Graham Secondary 4:00 PM
 Fri. 5th Argyle (LM) vs. Elgin Park (FV) Elgin Park Secondary 4:00 PM
 Fri. 5th Rockridge (LM) vs. Brentwood (VI) Shawnigan Lake School 2:30 PM
Canada Field   
 Fri. 5th Fleetwood Park (FV) vs. GP Vanier (VI) Shawnigan Lake School 2:30 PM
Field 1             
 Fri. 5th Earl Marriott (FV) vs. Claremont (VI) Shawnigan Lake School 4:00 PM
Canada Field   
 Fri. 5th Langley (FV) vs. Glenlyon Norfolk (VI) Shawnigan Lake School 4:00 PM
Field 1             
 Fri. 5th Seaquam (FV) vs. Nanaimo District (VI) Shawnigan Lake School 4:00 PM
Field 2
 Fri, 5th Handsworth (LM) vs. Shawnigan Lake (VI) Shawnigan Lake School 5:30 PM
Canada Field
 Fri. 5th South Delta (FV) vs. Cowichan (VI) Shawnigan Lake School 5:30 PM
Field 1             
 Fri. 5th Terry Fox (FV) vs. Belmont (VI) Shawnigan Lake School 5:30 PM
Field 2             

* Admission is $ 2 per student and $ 5 per adult at Centennial Stadium and Rotary Stadium only.


LM = Lower Mainland            VI = Vancouver Island
FV = Fraser Valley                OK = Okanagan
Koot = Kootenays

Stadium Series 2017 Round 1: Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley and Victoria

Friday, April 7 & Saturday, April 8, 2017

Date Teams and Zones  Venues and Times
Fri. 7th Lord Tweedsmuir (FV) 0 vs. Handsworth (LM) 72 Swangard St. 5:30 pm   
Fri. 7th   Terry Fox (FV) 19 vs. Argyle (LM) 24 Swangard St. 7 pm  
Sat. 8th Kelowna (OK) 8 vs. South Delta (FV) 22 Swangard St. 2 pm
Sat. 8th  SMUS (VI) 24 vs. Rockridge (LM) 7 Swangard St. 3:30 pm
Sat. 8th Robert Bateman (FV) 7 vs. RA McMath (LM) 22 Swangard St. 5 pm 
Fri. 7th Belmont (VI) 7 vs. WJ Mouat (FV) 50 Rotary St. 3 pm
Fri. 7th   Salmon Arm (OK) 15 vs. Gleneagle (FV) 36 Rotary St. 4:30 pm
Fri. 7th Carson Graham (LM) 33 vs. Yale (FV) 21 Rotary St. 6 pm
Fri. 7th Brentwood (VI) 5 vs. Collingwood (LM) 11
Klahanie Park 4 pm
Fri. 7th Seaquam (FV) 15 vs. Sentinel (LM) 22 Klahanie Park 5:30 pm
Fri. 7th GP Vanier (VI) vs. Semiahmoo (FV) Semiahmoo/SSAP 3 pm
Fri. 7th Oak Bay (VI) 85 vs. Earl Marriott (FV) 5 Semiahmoo/SSAP 4:30
Fri. 7th DW Poppy (FV) 22 vs. GNS (VI) 44 Claremont 12:30 pm
Fri. 7th Elgin Park (FV)  36 vs. Claremont (VI) 15 Claremont 2 pm
Fri. 7th RE Mountain (FV) 57 vs. Edward Milne (VI) 0 Claremont 3:30 pm
Fri. 7th Nanaimo Dist. Sec. (VI) 29 vs. Sardis Sec. (FV) 15 Sardis Sec. 2 pm
Fri. 7th Cowichan (VI) 5 vs. Fleetwood Park (FV) 36    Fleetwood Park 4 pm
Sat. 29th Shawnigan Lake (VI) vs. St. George’s (LM)    St.George’s 2:30 pm